Interactive Virtual Exhibition – BIGIT 2020

As every corner of the world is facing unprecedented pandemic in human history. We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with BIGIT 2020, The 8th Annual Data Science Show (22-23 September 2020, GMT+8), to take everything to virtual and yes, together with Advisory Apps & World Tech Feed.

The Virtual Event Space provides various type of maps/spaces, for instance, Exhibition, Art Gallery, Property Gallery type of spaces not limited by your imagination. Enjoy full flexibility of managing a virtual event with our fully integrated platform portal, mobile and Windows apps.

Experience your very own 3D avatar with your name.

Your very own 3D avatar in BIGIT Virtual Exhibition Hall

Chat with others in the virtual event, your colleague, friends and family by voice and text.

Virtual networking with interactive chat

Watch presentation from the top speakers throughout the years in BIGIT.

Virtual cinematic on-demand video. Playing you the best presentation throughout the years!

Download VES now @ Supported platforms are: Android, iOS and Windows.

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